Emulating a DECstation using mips64emul-0.2


  The mips64emul emulator has been superceeded by GXemul. Please check out http://gavare.se/gxemul. Basically GXemul should be able to do the same (and more) as mips64emul used to do. Below you can find some information about the older program by the same author:

Since the beginning of 2004 an extremely impressive MIPS hardware emulator is available as opensource: mips64emul. It was written by Mr. Anders Gavare from Sweden. Some of it's impressive features are:

Installing ULTRIX/RISC

It's pretty easy to install ULTRIX in the emulated environment if you follow Anders' instructions, but you need to be prepared for the fact that the emulator won't run as fast as real DECstation hardware. On P4/Athlon XP the speed should be okay. Please read the documentation that comes with mips64emul, and the emulator's home pages.

Things you need to be able to run ULTRIX on mips64emul:

I may at some point add some more comments here, if I think it's required. For now you need to rely on Anders' instructions.


Here are some screenshots from my DEC Alpha 164SX running RedHat Linux V7.2 and mips64emul-0.1:

ULTRIX running on mips64emul
NetBSD running on mips64emul

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Last updated:  14-12-2006