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DECstation 3100

Inside DECstation 3100

Inside, before mothermoard upgrade, 2100 motherboard


VFB02 Color video SIMM

PMAX CPU, R2000 running @16.7MHz

DIGITAL "Hockey puck" mouse

DECstation 3100 in a DECstation 2100 labelled BA42 enclosure

PMAX Write-Back cache IC's?

DECstation 5000/260

Inside DECstation 5000/260

PMAG-F (PXG Turbo) TC board
, back of it, from the side

IBM 9 GB hard drive with 68 pin to 50 pin adapter

R4400SC CPU card with CPU and LSI ASIC


with adapter

MS02-CA 32MB memory cards

Inside BA42 Storage Expansion box

DECstation 5000/260 with 20" DEC VR320 monitor and Storage Expansion box

DECstation 5000/133

Inside DECstation 5000/133
Quantum 2 GB hard drive 

33MHz R3000 CPU
and the 25MHz one, before upgrade. 


TZ30 tape drive
80 pin DECstation memory SIMMs 
PMAD-A ethernet TC card

DECstation 5000/33

33MHz R3000 CPU

MAXINE Serial Bus Puck mouse

MAXINE Serial Bus connector

 ATX-DECstation 5000/150

 Go here, DECstation in ATX enclosure project page.

VAXstation 3100 M30


GPX 8-plane graphics board

DEC "MMJ" Serial port with console switch to the right

Inside the box

SCSI/MFM disk controller

DIGITAL "Hockey puck" mouse
and the funny knobs under it.

Memory board 16MB
and 12MB

Panasonic CD-ROM drive

Inside, mainboard visible


VAXstation 4000 VLC

System On a Chip 'SOC' VAX CPU

LGC 8-plane graphics board

Back of the small "pizzabox"

Inside the small "pizzabox"

Side of the box, connectors for keyboard and mouse

The VAXstation VLC enclosure from the front

VAXstation 4000 M60

DEC BA46A enclosure

VAXstation 4000 M60 back

VAXstation 4000 M60 date stamp "MAY 13 1996"

Inside the box

'One click' installable PSU

SCSI disk tray + disks

DEC 3000/300X

DEC 3000 System w/ keyboard and mouse

Inside the DEC3000/300 enclosure

Back of the DEC3000/300 enclosure

PMAZC-AA Dual Channel SCSI-2 TurboChannel option card 

PMAGD-AA Accelerated 2D TurboChannel option card


DEC Alpha 164SX

DEC PCI network card: DE500

PCI SCSI card: ASUS Sym53c875

DEC 164SX motherboard installed in ATX enclosure

DEC Alpha 21164PC CPU

PCI graphics card: Permedia2 w/ 8 MB video memory

The 164SX midtower ATX-box from outside

DEC Alpha XL266

The Alpha XL midtower box from outside

Power Supply Unit

Inlet air cooling fan for option cards and CPU (a pretty big one, that too)

Alpha CPU card with 2 MB  cache


DEC TurboChannel Card Collection

NAME (click on the link for a pic)
PMAG-A 2D Graphics, B/W 4-plane 1280 x 1024 @72Hz, unaccelerated
PMAGB-B  2D Graphics, color 8-plane 1280 x 1024 @66/72Hz , accelerated. You can select between the two refresh rate settings with a jumper on the card.
PMAG-C 2D Graphics, color 8-plane 1280 x 1024 @66Hz, accelerated
3D Graphics, color 8-plane 1280 x 1024 @66Hz, 3D accelerated
3D Graphics, true color 96-plane 1280 x 1024 @66Hz, 3D accelerated
2D Graphics, color 8- or 24-plane 1280 x 1024 @72Hz
2D Graphics, color 8-plane, resolution / refresh rate can be set with a rotary switch on the card. This card is DEC Alpha specific (doesn't work in a DECstation).
DEFTA-FA Network adapter
100Mbps FDDI
Network adapter 100Mbps FDDI (wierd connectors ...)
PMAD-A  Network adapter 10Mbps AUI ethernet
SCSI adapter 5MHz SCSI-2
SCSI adapter 10MHz Dual Channel SCSI-2, it has two NCR53CF96 chips
LOFI* Audio adapter Analog audio I/O

*=I don't have these cards. These pictures are here because I decided to include some of  the DEC relatedpictures I've collected, over the years.

Other computer systems

SGI Indigo2 IMPACT 10000

R10000 CPU Card with huge cooler

GIO/EISA option slots

Monitor connector on Solid IMPACT graphics card plus audio and external SCSI connector

Inside the SGI Indigo2 box

SGI SCSI hard drive cold-swap sled plus 4GB disk

Standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports

SGI Octane R10000

Octane motherboard w/ R10000 CPU module and 512MB RAM

Octane 850W Power Supply Unit

The Octane system with the front cover removed

Back of the Octane system, with the motherboard module half-way drawn out.

The Octane viewed from the front

SUN 3/60

The SUN 3/60 motherboard

The four BNC connectors on the graphics board

The Motorola 68020 on the motherboard

HP 9000 Model 735/99

HP desktop workstation w/ keyboard and mouse

Rear of the system, it consists of separate modules

The disk module w/ 2 x 2 GB UW HVD SCSI disks

The I/O module with parallell, serial, HIL, audio, SE SCSI, HVD SCSI and ethernet ports

The graphics board, outputs sync-on-green video on three BNC connectors

The PA-RISC CPU board w/ 352MB RAM installed. There are still 4 empty slots.

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